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Boris the Spider ADS-B Antenna Kit

Boris the Spider ADS-B Antenna Kit

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Boris was designed as a low cost entry level antenna for 1090 MHz ADS-B reception. This DIY kit is a simple and cost effective way to get started receiving ADS-B.

It is a quarter wave ground plane design with a nominal 2.5 dBi gain. It was designed to out perform the cheap printed circuit board antennas while being a similar cost. It was also designed to be less expensive than other home made "spiders" using panel mount N or UHF connectors and to be water proof. The most important feature is that Boris uses inexpensive satellite rated F connectors and cabling. The 50 / 75 Ohm mismatch loss is only 0.14 dB. Use of RG-6 and F connectors means that antenna cost and installation costs are significantly lower than other home brew antenna designs.


Items Included:

  • a 1090 MHz "rubber ducky"
  • a satellite rated F-81L connector with a panel nut
  • a radial assembly (pre-soldered, but you need to bend)
  • a short piece of heat shrink tube
  • an F Female to Male SMA connector

To save on shipping and labor, the radial assembly is shipped flat but fully soldered.

Some assembly required:
  • radials must be bent
  • connector, nut, and "rubber ducky" must be screwed together
  • heat applied to shrink tubing

This is sold as a kit in order to pass savings on to you (reduced labor and shipping).


  • Manufacturer: Lothar of The Hill
  • approximate 1090 MHz center
  • 1/4 wave design
  • uses inexpensive F-type connectors and RG-6 cabling
  • impedance mismatch (50/75-ohm) loss @ 0.14 dB
  • nominal 2.5 dBi gain
  • water resistant (potentially waterproof, but not certified)
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