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Hrothgar the Heatsink

Hrothgar the Heatsink

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Hrothgar the Heatsink, a low cost heatsink solution for enthusiasts or organizations building feeder station solutions with multiple SDRs. Hrothgar is sure to extract heat from several SDRs at the same time, without requiring you to buy individual heatsinks for each SDR.

Extracting heat from SDRs will generally improve decoding characteristics while prolonging the life of the devices (extreme heat eventually leads to failure). Metal encased SDRs (as opposed to lesser quality plastic encased SDRs) are ultimately required to effectively draw heat away from the internal structure.

Ideal use cases:

  • Higher powered stations doing ADS-B + ACARS/VDL + AIS
  • HFDL enthusiasts wanting to listen on all of the possible frequencies of the nearest ground station
  • Sonde addicts tracking as many balloons as possible
  • Inmarsat & Iridium SATCOM stations needing to decode all of the bird

Will hold up to 5 SDRs of the following types:

  • Airframes.IO or Airplanes.Live Blue/Orange sticks
  • Airspy Mini
  • RTL-SDRs and similar

    Will hold up to 7 SDRs of the following types:

    • Nooelec

      The base plate mounting holes are sized to fit standard rack rail holes. Hrothgar is easily adapted to other mounting methods.

      See the Hrothgar the Heatsink drawing and instructions specification sheet for other mounting options.

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